We have passion for what we do. We go the extra mile to provide high standards of health care with state-of-the-art facilities and medical professionals. Your Health and Happiness starts with us.








We can be located Off the Spintex road near Batsonaa Total Filling Station


Ambulance: 0202050080

Clinic: (+233) 302 811 493 - 0202050080

Reception: (+233) 302 811 153 - 302 811 672 - 302 811 673

Website : www.danponggroup.net

Lister Hospital and Fertility Center is the most technologically advanced private hospital in West Africa. It offers modern and advanced medical facilities for both in and outpatients, comfortable accommodation and a highly trained staff who provide extensive general and specialist healthcare and diagnostic services.
We give individualized patient care to residents visiting business people as well as holiday makers.
The hospital runs a 24 hour service including Sundays and public holidays.



Family Practice

Neonatal Intensive Care Services

Surgical Services
Auxiliary Services

Ambulance Service

Public Health Services
Fertility Center
Maternity Services


 We are opposite the Palace Hypermarket, off the Spintex road

                +233 303 409 030
                +233 303 409 031
                +233 244 313 883
Fax:   +233 302 812 397
Email: info@listerhospital.com.gh

Website: www.listerhospital.com.gh

Resolve is dedicated to providing quality, value driven health care to our esteemed clients. Our clients are assured of access to good quality health care and exceptional client service. We specialize in women's health.

The bedrock on which Resolve was established is the belief that women deserve excellent medical services and Resolve is well situated to make this a reality. Knowing that women appreciate beauty, we created a beautiful and homey environment in which women can receive excellent client service during that special moment of their lives and beyond. Our Obstetric care encompasses the full range of services from antenatal through post-natal care, including diagnostic ultrasound scanning, and the management of high risk pregnancies.

Full gynecological services (contraceptive management, treatment of menstrual and hormonal disorders, management of uterine fibroid, and management of infertility) as well as surgical services are also provided.


- Obstetric

- Gynecological

- Mimbasoko (Our online shop for all Pregnancy and Baby related products.)

- Childbirth Classes

- Pediatric

We are located at the Spintex Road, off the Community 18 / KFC Road, 106 Mansa Atsiape street.


PHONE: +233 302 92 6014,  +233 28 RESOLVE,  +233 28 737 6583

EMAIL: linda@resolvegh.com



The hospital has been granted accreditation by the National Health Insurance Authority as a healthcare provider under the National Health Insurance Programme. Community Participation and Customer Satisfaction constitute the Mission and Vision Statement of the hospital.

The following healthcare services are provided at the facility for the patients;

Center for General Breast Pathology

· Breast Cancer Screening

· Mammography

· Pap Smear-Screening For Cancer Of The Cervix

· General Surgical Services

· Specialist Surgical Services

· General Medical Services

· Gynecological Services

· Ultrasonography

· Center For Hepatitis Screening, Vaccination, Treatment

· Counseling

· Laboratory Tests, Cytology and Histopathology Investigation

· Renal/Dialysis Unit

· Antenatal And Maternity Care

· HIV Center

· Eye Care Unit.


We are located a few minutes drive from the Spintex  Zenith Bank junction


Peace & Love Hospital
Spintex Road, near Zenith Bank
Tel: +233 (0) 24 4145064 | +233 (0) 305-60407

Website : http://prof.breastcareinternational.org

INKOOM HOSPITAL is one of the best Hospitals available in the Country. With its spectacular services and quality healthcare delivery, it remains one of the most patronized hospitals along the Spintex Road,and with  Ambulance Service for swift and rapid responds.

- Out Patient Care
- In Patient Care (with meals and wireless internet access)
- Pharmacy
- Laboratory
- Antenatal Care
- Specialist Care ( Surgical. Physician, Radiologist, Pediatrician)
- Tropical Medicine, Travel Health Advisory & Vaccination, Etc.
- Physiotherapy Etc.
- Ambulance Service 

We are located on the Main Spintex Road, around  the Coastal Estate, Opposite       K. Ofori Limited.
PHONE: 0540667474 , 0302 811 070

As forward looking organization, we at the End Point Homeopathic Clinic provide the very latest research based homeopathic treatments with a service that is second to none. We are committed to customer satisfaction as the primary driver of our business, to only prescribe therapies after a complete diagnosis with a qualified homeopathic doctor. From our confidential consultations we make time to discuss your concerns and explain  suitable treatment options that is available to you and thereafter taking the option which best suits your needs.

  • SCAN


Locate us as Spintex :about 2 minutes drive from the "sign board " traffic light bus stop..

  • E-mail: info@endpointclinic.com
  • Telephone: +233 (0) 244 867068 / +233 (0) 274 234321
  • Address: P.O.Box KN 5447, Kaneshie, Accra

With the advancement in technology and medicine, for the development of human, . Spintex Community Hospital is equipped with the latest technology for diagnosis, a serene environment, and with a special ambulance. Your health is therefore assured at Spintex Community Hospital.


Outpatient services
Specialist consultation
Rapid DNA (Same day Service)
O & G
VVIP Wards
Ambulance Ready
Ultra Scan

Locate us at Spintex Road, at the Shell Signboard traffic light, at the first turn on the right.

Contact us on +233 (0) 302 819 438

                            +233 (0) 244 265 600

                            +233 (0) 267 570 144

                            +233 (0) 244 285 332

AMEN SCIENTIFIC HERBAL HOSPITAL has made a valued contribution towards health delivery in Ghana and the West- African sub-region at large. Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital is the leading modern scientific herbal hospital in West Africa, awarded by the President of the West African Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association. The Chief Executive Officer, Sheikh Dr. Amin Bonsu holds a PhD in Naturopathy, Phytotherapy and Homeopathy. Therefore you are assured of quality herbal treatment.


Phone 0247030292    0242679282    057305742    0246268089

Email: info@amenscientificherbalhospital.com

Website: www.amenscientificherbalhospital.com

We use modern equipment to do eye check, surgery and all other services provided by Amasha Partners Ltd., and this always leaves a smile on the face of our clients.

We provide services such as the supply of frames, contact lenses and sun glasses. Our cost of lens depends on the prescription.

We do thorough eye check by birth Ophthalmologist and Optometrist which includes

  • pressure check
  • refraction
  • treatment

Consultation by Ophthalmologist

Refraction test for spectacle

Surgery cost for major and minor operation

We provide general treatment .

Locate us on the Main Spintex Road,  Adjacent ICGC Calvary  Church, Before Community 18 Junction.


Telephone: +233(0)303-962225 / (0)243-625672CONTACT:

 Entrance Pharmaceuticals and Research Centre is the manufacturing subsidiary of Tobinco Group, commissioned in the first quarter of 2014. The company manufactures non-sterile preparations, including anti-malaria, Anti-retro-viral and other essential medicines in line with WHO recommendations. Dedicated facilities have been provided for the manufacture of beta-lac tams (penicillin) and non-beta-lactams (non-penicillin).

The company’s goal is to produce quality essential medicines in line with national and international requirements for the local market and for export. Entrance Industries aims at WHO prequalification which will enable the company to participate in international procurement mechanisms.


With a vision to build the capacity of the local Pharmaceutical industry, Entrance Industries has incorporated into its set up a Research centre in collaboration with the University of Ghana School of Pharmacy. The Research Centre is equipped with the most modern equipment and facilities to help advance studies in Pharmaceutics and product development.


Analgesics,   Antibiotics,  Anti-Fungi,  Anti Malarials, Cough & Cold, Dermatological,

Diabetic & Hypertensive, Gastro Intestinal Products,Hematinics (Blood Tonics),

Nutritional Supplement.

We are located on the Spintex Road, first left turn off the Manet Junction.


 No. 16 Okpoi Gonno, Spintex Road.

Tel: (+233) 507 067 750

Email: info@entranceindustries.com

Website: entrancepharmaceuticals.com

 We envisage to building a strong company that will create a healthy Africa, where all Africans have an opportunity to make their own success happen. 

With the mission to be the number one leader in quality regional healthcare in West Africa, with the largest product portfolio and biggest market share, using good people, innovative products and world-class facilities to successfully create, produce and sell all we do. 

Our work philosophy is clear. We begin everything with quality – we design it into every product, embed it into every process, and teach it to every employee, to ensure high quality healthcare with excellent outputs that meet or exceed any stringent regulatory requirements and ensure customer satisfaction.


Anti-diabetics, Antibiotics, Anti-malarials, Analgesics, Anthelmintics, Gastrointestinals, Antiretrovirals, Anti-hypertensives, Anti-cholesterols


Phone: +233 302 811 672/3
Email:  info@danadamsgh.com
Website: www.danadamsgh.com

Executive Heart Centre is an ultramodern, one-stop cardiovascular facility located at SSNIT Emporium, Airport City, close to Spintex.  

Our Mission is to 

- Reduce cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality in Ghana and West Africa.
- Deliver accurate and prompt cardiovascular disease management services to West Africa.
- Grow EHC into a centre for CVD management learning and research.
- Educate the public on the realities of CVD and primarily on its prevention.
- Ensure service sustainability at EHC via profitable management of the facility.

We serve you with:-
- Integrity - we will not compromise on quality and ethics Empathy - loving care touches hearts and builds EHC
- Excellence - embracing professionalism and innovation in service delivery

Working Hours
Monday - Friday       -  8 am to 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday  -  1 pm to 5 pm

We are located at  the at airport city, on the ground floor of the SSNIT Emporium opposite the Marina Mall.
Contact us 
Phone:  030 397 1664/030 278 3217
Email:  executiveheartcentre@gmail.com